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My dear 80 years (Naruto / KakuzuxHidan)
Kiss from the Hell (Naruto / KakuzuxHidan)
First Love of Death (Naruto / KakuzuxHidan)
Charm (Naruto / KakuzuxHidan)
The Boss´s Wife (Naruto / KakuzuxHidan)
helvetin Joulupukki (Naruto / KakuzuxHidan)
Ai daro Ai (The King of Fighters ´96)
OJIcetera (Tiger&Bunny / BarnabyxKotetsu)
The Show must go on (Tiger&Bunny / BarnabyxKotetsu)
paragigm shift (Tiger&Bunny / BarnabyxKotetsu)
Let´s go have a drink (Tiger&Bunny / BarnabyxKotetsu)
KA2xIRU Anthology (Naruto / KakashixIruka)
CHIKADOH Compilation! Anthology (Naruto / KakashixIruka)
ZxS Anthology Volume 1-5 (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
Ap the Best Volume 2 (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
ZSxLovexOut Anthology (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
Grand Pirates ZxS (Only Coupling) Volume 1 (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
Shiba Doujinsakka Collection 107 (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
139 チェケラ!mix―チェケラ! (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
139 ―チェケラ! BOX (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
139バラ色の未来なら君にあげるさ―チェケラ! (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
139同人作家レジェンドコレクション (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
139同人作家コレクション 36 (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)
139チェケラ! 1+2 (One Piece / ZoroxSanji)

Novel (Boys-Love)

Cruel to be kind
Father Figure
In these words Prequel: Maybe Someday
Only the ring finger knows 1-4 (complete)
Operation Liebe 1-4 (complete)
The Bride


Acid Town 1-4
Ameiro Paradox 1-2
A New Season of Young Leaves
Black Sun Doreioh 1-2 (complete)
Border 1-5
Boys Love (Oneshot)
Boys next Door (Oneshot)
Capital of Flower (Oneshot)
Crimson Spell 1-5
Das Spiel von Katz und Maus 1-2 (complete)
Deadlock 1
Der Duft der Apfelblüte 1-3 (complete)
Desire (Oneshot)
Diagnose:Liebe (Oneshot)
Embracing Love (2in1) 1-2
False Memories 1-2 (complete)
Finder 1-7
Foreign Love Affaire (Oneshot)
Ganz verschieden gleich 1-3
Gezielte Verwirrung 1-2
Gezieltes Verlangen 1+3
Hauptfach Liebe 1-3 (complete)
Hide and Seek 1-2
Highschool Love 1-6
How is your Ex-Boyfriend? (Oneshot)
In these words 1-2 and chapter 6-12
In these words: Bad company 1
In these words: Prequel 1-3
In these words: Wrapped around your finger
Kae 1-2 (complete)
Kaine (Oneshot)
Katekyo! 1-4 (complete)
Kiss me teacher 1-10 (complete)
Kizuna 1-11 (complete)
Küss mich, Student 1-4 (complete)
Küsse unterm Regenbogen (Oneshot)
Libre Premium 2012: Diamond Gold + Pearl Platinum
Liebesgift (Oneshot)
Love Contract (Oneshot)
Maiden Rose 1-2
Never Ever Love (Oneshot)
Nights (Oneshot)
Oasis Project (Oneshot)
Only the flower knows 1-3 (complete)
Only the ring finger knows (Oneshot)
Play Boy Blues 1-4
Porno Superstar (Oneshot)
Punch Up 1-4 (complete)
Punch Up and Yaizu Brothers (Oneshot)
Secret Contract (Oneshot)
See you at the school at the muse 1-4 (complete)
Seishun Catharsis (Oneshot)
Seven Days 1-2 (complete)
Spiritual Police 1-2
Starting with a kiss 1-2
Steal Moon 1-2 (complete)
Stupid Story 1-3 (complete)
Teatime lovin´ 1-4 (complete)
Ten 1-2
Therapie: Liebe (Oneshot)
Twittering Birds never fly 1
Unter einer Decke (Oneshot)
Vanilla Star (Oneshot)
Vassalord 1-7 (complete)
Verliebter Tyrann 1-9
Wild Rock (Oneshot)
Wolf Magic
Yellow 1-4 (complete)
Yellow/R 1-2
Ze 1-11 (Complete)


+ Anima 1-10 (complete)
Alichino 1-3 (complete)
Blood Hound (Oneshot)
Blood Hound Chibi (Oneshot)
Blood Lad 10-11
Blood Lad Brat 1
Gunslinger Girl 1-15 (complete)
Ludwig Revolution 1-4 (complete)
Perfume Master (Oneshot)


Bitte sehr, Bitte gleich 1-2 (complete)
Bye Bye Baby 1-2 (complete)
Cherry Juice 1-4 (complete)
Dream Kiss 1-4 (complete)
Dream Saga Volume 3
Flower Ring 1-2 (complete)
Orange Planet 1-5 (complete)
Rocking Heaven 1-8 (complete)
Shinshi Doumei Cross 1-11 (complete)
Sweet as Candy 1-2 (complete)
Vampire Knight 1-12
White Night Melodie 1-3 (complete)
Zaubernüsse für Natsumi 1-4 (complete)
Zodiac 1-4 (complete)


Finder Character Book
Lucidity (Material Book)
Prince Sapphire
Sailor Moon Band 2


Animania x 37
Anime DVD x 4
Arena 37c x 1
Banzai x 39
Cho^2 x 1
J-Beat x 3
Koneko x 10
Manga zeichnen x 1
Peach x 8
Rockstar x 1
Yukiko x 6

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